Spring retreat

19 – 26 March in Luz, Portugal

The astrological spring of 2022 starts on March the 20th. This changing of seasons marks the entering of a new year with new energies… and thus a new life. We offer a small group retreat (between 2 and 6 people) for one week from our home in Luz on the beautiful Algarve coast. We take care of everything… from intense sessions to leisure time, and from food to accommodation. Make this spring retreat the beginning of a whole new life, where you finally become your true self.

Update: Although the retreat originally focused on people who need accommodation, we also offer the opportunity to do only the sessions. If you live in the Algarve and want to spend the night at home, we can arrange that. The costs will therefore also be lower.

If a whole week is too much for you to start with (or too short notice), you can kick-start with only weekend workshops. Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 are two intensive days, filled with workshops that lay a strong foundation. Where the retreat then continues with four/five more days going in depth, you can choose to continue later. The Easter retreat would be a perfect combination, but you can also do private sessions or even a private retreat.

NB: if you have already done your ‘three sessions‘ and/or even have participated in a retreat before, this spring retreat will not be for you. The Easter retreat will much better suit your needs, or check out out the options to do a private retreat.

The Algarve coast is absolutely stunning

What do we offer?

We have set up this spring retreat for people who want to get into contact with their guides. Everybody has their own guides. They are there to teach you and guide you along the way. Many of us already felt their ‘presence’ when it was needed. Maybe you are a starseed, as many of my clients are. Life on earth will no doubt feel hard and challenging for you. It may seem cruel and even unbearable. Many of us carry lots of karmic burden with us. You may feel that with new energies it is now time for real change. We can finally let go of old patterns and conditioning. Everything is open and all knowledge is available. All we have to do is ask, and let the guides teach us.

In a (mandatory!) one-on-one online session before the retreat, I will make contact with your guides for the first time. This is the start of your process. During the retreat we focus on the questions you have and theme or issues you want to work on. This is also based on the messages your own guides have for you. We create an intimate and small setting, that is professional, personal and always safe. Step by step, you realize what you have been conditioned to believe throughout your life… and then unlearn these beliefs. Often you then finally start to see the truth about everything that has happened in your life.

Before and after

After this week you are well underway on your path, having discovered your true self. Now, it is up to you to live your life as the real you. After all, this spring retreat is only the beginning. Whatever country you are from, we can take care of you afterwards as well. Via online sessions I can help you to stay on your path. And as you progress, your guides will surely have more to say and guide you along your way.

But before you even start with this spring retreat, it is imperative that you understand the kind of work that I do. Please read the stories about my work and my journey to get an idea. If my story does not resonate with you, than this retreat is not for you. This is an important step! It is understandable that a retreat, working with other people, far away, and for this sum of money, might feel like a major step. Well, considering that you are about to change your life, it is an enormous step indeed. But you deserve it… you should discover your life’s purpose and finally the life you were destined to have. It may help to read about other people’s experiences in their testimonials. If you have practical questions, or anything else you’d like to ask, please send an email to [email protected].

What is included?

Now that you have an idea of what you can expect from the sessions, what else can you expect from us? (with ‘us’ I mean myself and my partner… I and only I do the sessions, but my partner is responsible for everything outside the sessions.) This spring retreat is all-inclusive, meaning:
– all sessions, including one or two one-on-one online session before the retreat
– accommodation and breakfast at the hotel (if you don’t want this, we can leave this out)
– all meals at the house (only if and when we go out to eat, it’ll be at your own costs)
– fresh fruit and drinks are 24/7 available (no alcohol in the house)
– transport to and from the airport (if possible – alternative is a bus)
– excursions (depending on the weather -but it’s usually good here)

In our experience, the sessions will be intense and they have a strong effect on how you feel. Chances are, you will not feel like doing anything else, other than rest. After all, your time with us is not a holiday! And because everything that happens with you or around you, is part of your process (incl. sleeping, eating, contact with home), you are our responsibility from the first moment to the last moment of this retreat. Apart from taking a walk or visiting Luz and and the beach, there is therefore no room for own activities outside the program.

The things we don’t include are:
– activities or accommodation before or after the retreat (but we are happy to help with that)
– insurances or necessary visa (if you’re not from a European country)
– the dinners in a restaurant during the excursions


If possible, we pick you up from the airport (Faro or Lisbon) and drive together to Luz. During an informal meeting we get to know each other and basically start the process as a group. We basically have 3 days of intensive sessions and 3 days that are a bit ‘lighter’. Sessions involve meeting your guides and doing a Q&A with them, deep meditation, healing circle, and other methods. We also go outside for a meditative walk and time on the beach. Connecting with nature can be very important.

We arrange lunch every day and we eat together for four nights in our home. If you have any allergies, diets or preferences, please let us know in advance. All meals are basically vegetarian, but we can make them vegan at request. We have three ‘excursions’ planned. We see and explore Lagos, we’ll spend time on the water, and we go to the west coast to see the sun set into the Atlantic ocean. During excursion time we can eat dinner in a restaurant, exploring and enjoying the tasty Portuguese cuisine.

We can’t give a detailed program in advance, because this depends on how everyone is doing. If it’s necessary or better for your process, I can decide on the spot to change things around. Every day starts with an open circle, where everyone tells what is happening with them. At the start of the retreat you can reflect on what has happened since the online session, and set your intentions for the week.

Some sessions we do individually, others together as a group or one on one with another group member. It is therefore imperative that we are open and respectful towards each other. This is also the reason why we start each day with an open circle.


€1095 p.p. based on a private room at the hotel
€995 p.p. based on a shared room at the hotel
€750 p.p. without accommodation and dinner

We ask you to make a €250 down-payment if you decide to join. If you need to cancel and we have made no costs until then, you receive the entire down-payment back. If we’ve had to make non-refundable costs, we use the down-payment to cover these costs. The rest of the down-payment will then be returned.

The weekend workshops only costs €300, including lunch. Both days start at 11:00 and last until 19:00, with a 2 hour lunch break. If you want to spend the night in Luz after all (the sessions can be quite demanding) or want to join for dinner, we can help you with that.

We work together with a middle class hotel (breakfast included) less than 100 meters from the house. After you’ve started your day at your own pace and time, you come to the house at 10:00 for the sessions. In the weekend (with the workshops) we start at 11:00.

It may not be possible to perfectly combine your flights to fit with the program. We are able to move things around a little bit here and there, but not too much. If you need to stay a day longer or arrive a day earlier, we are happy to help you with additional meals, travelling and/or accommodation.


Please make sure that you read about my work and my history before deciding to join the retreat. If you are interested to join after reading all this, please contact us via email: [email protected]. Also for questions, ideas or preferences, please let us know. There are more retreats in the making, so if these dates don’t work for you, you may be able to join a later one. Another option is to book a private retreat (anywhere from 1 day to 2 weeks). Private retreats include accommodation in our house in your own bedroom with private bathroom. The garden and terrace are also your own, private space. Private programs are more flexible and we can adjust to meet your needs.

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