Group retreats

Retreats are an excellent way to communicate intensively with your personal Guides and learn even more from them, because we simply have more time. And with a small group (max 6 people) we can still work one-on-one. We will be able to dive deep into questions you may have, or we explore certain issues in much detail. There may also be a theme for you to work on, reflect on, and to transform in your life (either your own theme, or something indicated by your Guides). All this can require a more intense healing of yourself, in order to work on a specific topic, which is then a priority in your life.

Regardless whether the retreat is for a week or a long weekend, the daily schedule varies from day to day. Be aware that the work on you starts long before the retreat actually starts and will continue long after we finish. Yet, we need to focus our attention and energy on the time that we are together. Although the transformation process is yours and yours alone, being in a (small) group will often amplify the experience and strengthen the intensity of the processes everybody is going through.

Current retreats

19 – 26 March: Spring retreat (for new clients)
19 + 20 March*: workshops (new and existing clients)
16 – 24 April (you choose x days): Easter retreat (for existing clients)
any time from 1 day to 2 weeks: Private retreat (from our home in Luz)
May/June: workshops or custom retreats in Hungary (depending on travel restrictions)
June/July/August/September**: several retreats, mainly for existing but also for new clients

* The weekend only workshops of 19 + 20 March cost €300, including lunch. Both days start at 11:00 and will be until 19:00 (2 hour lunch break). If you want to spend the night in Luz (these sessions can be quite demanding) or join for evening dinner, we can help you with that. The workshops are primarily for new clients, but will definitely be useful for clients who already have gone through the 3 sessions. If you have questions or ideas, please contact us: [email protected]

(**please let us know ([email protected]) about preferred dates in summer… the sooner we know, the better we can plan)

What happens during a retreat?

In the morning there’s always an opening circle with everyone, where you share what is inside you at that moment. You may feel the need to reflect on the day or night before. I then initiate the connection with your Guides and transmit their messages. Also after hearing what you share, they will tell us which topic they would like to work on. If you agree with that, your Guides will start to work on that topic with you. That work can involve some powerful techniques. We can do intense meditation, ‘dyad’ (a very intense self-knowledge exercise between two people), or an individual healing session.

Retreats take place in Luz, near Lagos (Portugal), but we can basically set up a retreat literally anywhere in the world. Some retreats will take place in Hungary (English spoken if people wish that). Everything involving the retreat is well taken care of. This includes all the food for the time that you are there, transport if needed, accommodation, etc. We make sure we have privacy and space to express ourselves. There are different types of retreats. During some retreats it is possible to go home at the end of the day. During others, we stay at the retreat place for the duration of the retreat. This will increase the group energy and often allow for a more profound experience.

Important to know:

The retreats have basically two levels… introduction and advanced. Please realize, that to be able to join an advanced retreat, you need to have done at least the three basic (private) sessions. For the introduction retreats you will have one or two private sessions prior to the retreat. They are part of the retreat (and price) and they are absolutely mandatory in order to participate. We have several retreats in the making for 2022. As soon as they are final, we will add them to this website, and share all information on Facebook.