Realignment session

Only for those with whom we have done together the connection sessions at least 3 times, or we have already checked how to connect individually with their Guides, I offer to make the relevant connection at the pre agreed time. The session has the same benefits as the group session (wich is on Wednesdays at 5pm) but here you have the possibility to choose the time and day what suits you best.

We will give a sign to each other on Facebook or Whatsapp that we are ready to start. I perform the connection, then i send you a message with the suggestions and insights of your Guides. In that message i tell you which life areas your Guides would like work on with you, where you have already drifted away from the direction you aim to go, or if you are lost and have no direction at the moment they will help you to find the right direction for you. Then you place yourself in an active or passive meditation. You can paint, walk, dance, sit or practice anything you like. In two hours we speak or chat again, we close the session. The tuning is going to continue for at least ten days after the session. That will realign and keep you at the right level and frequency.

Price 20 euro

Appointed time between 9am-10pm Lisbon time