Private session

It helps to relieve the traumas they have experienced, transcribes false conditioning.

On the first meeting, you get tuned in and scanned, so the Guides can “tell” which areas of life need to be changed, mapping the way to get there, after which, we can start working together.

Three sessions are required for a complete alignment, to a comprehensive clean up at all levels, during which they will teach you how to contact them alone (without my help).

Each time, focusing on different area of life that we need to change. Full immersion in the subject, question and answer session, then some homework. From the second session onwards, discussing and processing what had happened since the previous time. In almost every case, the third time is the turning point, where the major breakthrough occurs. Until then, bringing things to the surface, and confrontation with all of it. Finally, to find a method of anchoring in the new direction. Learn how to protect yourself (e.g. with decrees)

The client relaxes while we are online together at the same time, communication is possible while the cleaning and healing is taking place. Energy can be transmitted anytime, at any distance (e.g. via Skype, WhatsApp).

The price is between €70-€100 sliding scale, you tell.