Group session

Group sessions are recommended for further development and keeping your frequency high. At least one previous personal session is necessary for participating.

We start with an opening circle to make clear what is brought into the ‘common space’ by each individual (sharing) In the meantime questions can be put that might be interesting for others as well – although personal questions are better to be asked during private sessions.

After that I attune the participants individually, then I send you a message via WhatApp with the suggestions and insights of your Guides. In that message I tell you which life areas your Guides would like work on with you, where you have already drifted away from the direction you aim to go, or if you are lost and have no direction at the moment they will help you to find the right direction. Then you place yourself in an active or passive meditation. You can paint, walk, dance, sit or practice anything you like.

In 2 hours we close the session. The tuning is going to continue for at least ten days after the session. That will keep you at the right level and frequency.

What I”ll need is two whole body photos of you, front and back, on which your hands and feet clearly

Price: €20/session
Schedule: every Wednesday 5-7 pm
Continuous presence in all sessions is not necessary, this is not a course.


Time zone: UTC±00:00, Portugal
June 2021
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