Private retreat

Apart from private sessions and group retreats every now or then, we also offer private retreats. This is exactly what it appears to be; a combination of a retreat and private sessions. We have intensive, personal sessions during a couple of consecutive days (anything from 2 days to 2 weeks). But a retreat can also even be one whole day of private sessions. A private retreat allows for profound work on all issues that need attention at that time. With one on one therapy and personal exercises, you will be working on yourself on a very deep level.

The view from the quiet garden is great… this also is your private space

We take care of everything

For your retreat you come to our home in Luz, near Lagos (Portugal). You stay in our home (our means me and my partner), have sessions with me, and we go out during the day for therapy, exercises, and Q&A sessions. I and only I do the sessions and my partner takes care everything outside the sessions. We create a safe and loving environment, where there will be full privacy. During your stay, you have your own bedroom with private bathroom (shower). The garden and terrace are also your private space. You join us for meals, but if you prefer to stay in a hotel or eat in a restaurant, we can arrange that, too.

The area of the western Algarve is perfect for enjoying and connecting with nature. We’ll visit several beaches, go for hikes, take the bicycle, enjoy Luz and Lagos, etc. And if you want, you have plenty of time to plan your own activities. Go out and enjoy yourself alone (there is a lot to do). Maybe you need that space alone to contemplate on what you discover during the sessions. It takes time to let everything sink in.

However… your leisure time is also part of your therapy. Many things happen not during a session or in mediation, but especially when you are alone. Your healing goes on 24 hours per day. And, more importantly, it continues (long) after you go back home. During the time that you are with us, however, you are our responsibility. All activities can/will play a role in your process… we just don’t know yet how and to what extend. If necessary, we need to change your program. To put it simply: from the moment you arrive until the moment you return home, you are in our hands. We will take good care of you, but you need to listen… you are not on a holiday!

Details and costs of a private retreat

In the house you have your private bedroom and your own bathroom. The garden en the terrace are also yours. We adjust the meals to your wishes and likes, and we take into account any allergies or sensitivities. The program for your time with us is flexible. Together we can build a program to your needs, but always within the limits of the therapy. Transport from and to the airport can be included, or we arrange other ways of travel. This also goes if you want to include a bit of holiday time prior to or after the retreat. During the retreat you only need to focus on your sessions… and we take care of the rest.

Private retreats don’t have one set of specific details, timing or price. Every retreat is different. One person may want to come for a weekend, someone else for two weeks. Some people come by car, others fly in from all over the world. So, we custom-make every retreat to fit your needs and personal wishes. No two retreats are ever the same. Therefore, it’s difficult to say anything about the costs now. But we will put everything into one overall price. There will be no unpleasant surprises for you afterwards.

There is no overlap between private retreats and group retreats. When you are here, it is all about you. Once we agree on the dates of your retreat, this will basically not change. Except for extreme circumstances, we can and we will always find a way to make your retreat work. Please send an email to [email protected] if you are interested.

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