I’d like to share a couple of testimonials and personal experiences with you. They have been written by some of my clients over the years as Edina Contact Guides. If you are thinking about contacting me for one of my retreats, or for a couple of sessions, you may get a first feeling from these experiences. Please also check my Facebook-page for a bit more background information.

If we’ve already worked together, I’d be honored if you want to leave a testimonial yourself as well. Maybe you’d like to share some of your own thoughts and ideas, or even personal experiences and how the sessions or retreat has effected you and your life. It may help others to decide what they want to do. If you want to share your message, please send me an email: [email protected], or use the form on the contact page.

I would recommend the retreat of Edina to everyone who is ready to develop his/her current life situation. I took part of the retreat for 5 days from 15-20 of August 2021. I'm an astrologer and integral psychology student, and besides this, I work as a financial analyst.

I came to the retreat to push my life to the next level and release the patterns keeping me back. The daily contacts with the guides gave me an opportunity to see the current life situation and possibilities better. We spent the days in a very nice, calm, high-energy environment.

Being in a small team gave us the possibility to have many sharing circles, and the one on one exercises with each other introduced us to a world of higher consciousness and self-reflection.

Edina was really flexible and arranged us to have some outdoor activities as well, like kayaking, meditation walks, and visits on the beaches nearby. After the retreat I experienced some positive changes in my life. I managed to release stress and negative vibes.
I heard about Edina's work from a friend, and I felt called to try it out. The first session was very intense. Already, a lot of blockages were removed. In the days that followed, everything that we discussed, started coming to me in a very intense way. Things accelerated and opened up, and now I am just going with this flow...

Thank you Edina... thank you guides!!!
I don’t know what method Edina uses for her healing, and I don’t feel it to be important to understand. But after her treatments I always felt much lighter and cleaner. As if I had found my own strength, or rather: had found my way back to my strength.

In this pure field questions are answered, and doubts are scattered. I’m very grateful to Edina for helping me. For this, of course, an absolute confidence was needed from my side. I thank her for everything.
"Recently, I was on a one-week retreat in Portugal with Edina. I was new to this kind to contact with our guides. From friends who had been to this retreat before, I heard a lot, and I was very curious. The right moment came up and I decided that now I have to connect to my guides. So I immediately bought a plane ticket.

Edina and Martijn were so kind and friendly when I have arrived, so I felt that I had come to a great place. The following days and the connection itself were exciting, with a lot inner work, relaxing, and having fun together.

I recommend a retreat with Edina to anyone who is spiritually 'open', and if you're interested in finding 'new ways'."