Who or what are our guides?

These bodily Guides are high-consciousness, love-vibrating energies/beings who connect through me for those who want to experience a wider spectrum of reality, one that goes beyond the three dimensions experience on Earth. For the person who seeks genuine transformation and healing in their lives, these love-vibrating beings have the potential to offer insight into our own higher self, our path and quality of life, so that we may maximize our own potential and be what we were created for. The degree of experience with the sessions depends on the individual, and if you like what you see, with consistent dedication, one has the possibility to determine their own quality of life.

It is clear that these Guides have a different interpretation of the concept of time and space and therefore do not have places or planets of their own, nor do they live in communities. However, their quality of love and knowledge, measured in human terms, is unimaginable, they offer guidance towards an extremely high level of infinitely expanding love and consciousness.

At this point in time, they are trying to contact and alert humanity to tell us that what we are choosing now, will determine the type of environment that we are going to live in, and to show how these transformations will affect us in the future.

The way to connect with these higher beings, is to align our own vibrations with theirs, and to meet them where our levels of awareness and higher states of consciousness are interconnected. They do not answer to a “calling word”,  but to a “calling vibration” – this can not be faked or bought at a weekend course. There are levels of awareness and vibrations with which I cannot connect to on my own either, but my Guides contact them through ‘the person’ who turned to me for that connection and who is capable of contacting them. This is also the case with personal helpers.

I see and experience that the channels through which these beings contact me, are first opened by my thoughts and then by my actions. Only the vibrations that I allow can get in contact with me. Every thought is tuning us to a certain quality and resonance. From this space, it is simple: through our thoughts we choose the frequency, our quality of life, where we want to be in our lives, and with whom we want to surround ourselves – like our friends, higher-dimensional teachers, and certainly our romantic or sexual partners.

It is critical to take great care of our thoughts and to be clear of the quality and intention of them. There are a multitude of helpers who are ready to assist us. Through the observation of our thoughts, we can see that we are the only possible factors that can limit the flow of infinite love and knowledge. It is the low-frequency thoughts (such as fear, sorrow, regret, longing, anger, humiliation, pride, nationalism, religious war, infinitely limited belief systems, and psychological conditioning), that make it difficult to vibrate at a quality level.

Many children and some adults are “star seeds.” They come from a more advanced culture, civilization, and usually have a higher level of awareness and consciousness than their parents. Quite often, however, here on Earth, they go through a “dulling ceremony” called education. For them, this earthly life which they find themselves in, is experienced as destructive and alien.

With each connection, they begin to remember their constellation and see that their intuitions and visions of a completely different world were accurate and authentic. Each connecting session may offer a glimpse into a higher state of being, offering a benchmark in which to define themselves. They will meet their “star-family,” from where they will receive encouragement, support for earthly life, ongoing protection and a “phone number” to call at any time. At this point the star seeds may have an experience of a homecoming.