What can we expect from a session?

We all have the capacity to experience our own inner wholeness, the space where transformation and healing occurs. From this perspective, we can see our life as a theater, watching from the stage and recognizing the hidden patterns, traumas, injuries, and the conscious as well as unconscious mind conditioning from both our present and/or past lives. Everything that prevents us from truly being ourselves, the one who we were born to be — who is and always has been complete and happy.

This healing work helps release past traumas one might have experienced, and let go of false conditioning. Together we can create a clean channel for our own high-vibrational Guides. And by removing harmful energies, imprints that may be due to the deliberate intent of others, we have the possibility to finally see the purpose and meaning of our lives, why we are here on this earth. By ruthlessly examining ourselves, we are no longer able to live in a web of lies, compromises and fear. There is the possibility of unquestionable certitude towards what we need to do to be fulfilled in this life. Most importantly, we will have all the tools we need to change.

During our session, pure and clear intention and a simple request of our Guides are enough to rid oneself of everything that no longer serves our connection to these new powerful healing energies. The individuals who I connect and work with, immediately feel the presence of these energies, from the moment of first contact. Most clients receive knowledge with unshakable inner clarity, as well as body sensations without any visions whatsoever. The goal of the work, after three sessions, is for one to be able to connect with their own inner Guides and become channelers, if they so wish, within their own environment or profession. For instance when the Guides can/will work through your hands when you work as a massage therapist, artist, painter, or energy healer.