New energies, higher consciousness

Earth’s vibration is intensifying and rising. This and many other changes taking place, are affecting our physical and mental well-being.

It appears that a new world is being built on a completely different foundation, with new energies and knowledge. This world is far beyond the belief systems we have been living and to which we continue to struggle to adapt and adjust to. Most of these old methods are not adaptable and become obsolete. Therefore, they do not help with the changes at all. Landmarks have disappeared and no one knows for sure where we are headed.

But there are more and more of us who are growing and awakening, joining those who have awakened. It is now possible for everyone to evolve. With or without us, there will be a paradigm shift, a change of dimension, a so-called “maturing into adulthood.” We can either join with our own free will, or we’ll collapse with the old systems.

The only obvious path is that we expand and refine our consciousness, evolving together with these new frequencies. To insist on a higher quality of life, is key to the transformation. This new life is by no means based on materialism, but on frequency, blossoming from our own unique self… the way we were designed, .

If we want to experience and live in accordance with the rising and expanding frequencies, we must understand our true nature and live in unity with everything and everyone. We can call this flow, or love, but this kind of love is very different from what most of us have believed in and have been conditioned by.

While I’m (still) a student myself, I see that true love loses personality and distinction. Love is not an emotion and it does not come and go. One can be lost in the misconception of love forever. True love is the flow, the wisdom that does not tolerate any distinctions created by the mind. Wherever this flow stops, change is needed. There is no other way… the soul does not compromise and nothing can be concealed from it. However difficult or even impossible change may seem, not changing when needed will lead to disease, disconnection, heartache, or even worse.


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