My work

I have dedicated my life to learning and spiritual practice, absorbing the knowledge from various masters and inner Guides. My journey began when I inherited my natural healing abilities from my father’s lineage. Now, for more than 25 years, I have worked as an energetic healer, with my main focus of interest being the healing of emotional injuries and traumas.

As this work has deepened and expanded in my practice over the years, it was revealed that an entirely new world was being built on a completely different foundation – with new energies and knowledge. During this time, my spiritual Guides told me that in order to transmit this new knowledge and energy, I was to move to Chile, Patagonia and study with them for 2 years.

These Guides are high-vibrational and high consciousness immaterial energy beings that do not (or no longer) possess names or forms. The quality of love and knowledge transmitted through these beings is unimaginable in human terms. They are offering guidance towards an extremely high level of infinitely expanded love and consciousness. During my sessions (group or individual), I am now utilizing their healing energy that flows through me.