My work

I have inherited my healing ability from my father’s lineage. I have dedicated my life to learning and spiritual practice, absorbing the knowledge from various masters for more than 25 years. I have worked as an energetic healer. My main area was the purification and healing of emotional injuries and traumas. The purification of the soul, which has stored painful imprints throughout previous lives.
I have spent 2 years on an intensive study retreat in Chile-Patagonia (2017-2019). In Patagonia I was guided to channel high-vibration, immaterial energy beings that no longer possess names or forms. They have a different interpretation of the concept of time and space and therefore do not have places or planets of their own, nor do they live in communities. However, their quality of love and knowledge, measured in human terms, is unimaginable, offering guidance towards an extremely high level of infinitely expanded love and consciousness. Now I’m utilizing their energy that flows through me. After the interconnection, they perform the purification, healing, and the connection to our own wholeness on every level.

What can we expect from the session?

We can all experience our own inner wholeness, the place where true change and healing takes place. From this point on, we can see our life as a play from the stage and recognise the hidden patterns, conditions, injuries, conscious and unconscious programmes from our present or past lives. Everything that keep us from being ourselves, the one who were born to wholeness and happiness. It helps to relieve the traumas you have experienced, transcribes false conditioning. It creates a clean channel for our own high-vibration Guides, removing harmful energies, effects that may be due to the deliberate intent of others. We can see purpose and meaning, why we are on this Earth. We can ruthlessly examine ourselves and no longer be able to live in a web of lies, compromises, fear. There will be unquestionable certainty as to what we need to do to be fulfilled. Most importantly, we will have all the tools we need to change. Pure intent and request are enough to get rid of everything that no longer serves our connection to new energies during the session. People I connect will feel the presence right from the first contact. Some see lights, forms, and some “only” receive knowledge with unshakable inner certainty, without any vision whatsoever. The goal is to be able to connect with our own Guides, teachers after three sessions, and become mediators, if we so wish, within our own environment or profession.

For people who ask what if they have no faith in these „things”, or they are not at all spiritual, or they know nothing about the subject. My answer: There’s no risk no matter where you come from, what is in your “luggage”. Just set it down here for two hours and open yourself to an empty, receptive state and, if you don’t like this new movie you will watch about yourself and your options, you can take back your luggage and say goodbye. But do know, if you chose this scenario instead, “unfortunately” we will take a good look at this luggage, dismantle it piece by piece, to check what you can keep and what you cannot.

Who they are?

They are high-consciousness, love-vibrating bodily guides who will get connected through me with those, who want to experience a wider spectrum of reality that goes beyond the third dimension experienced on Earth and want a quality change in their lives. One that has the potential to give us an insight into our own complete self, the way and quality of life, where we can maximise our own potential, what we were created for. The degree of experience depends on the individual, and if you like what you see, with adequate investment, you can determine your own quality of life.

They have a different interpretation of the concept of time and space and therefore do not have places or planets of their own, nor do they live in communities. However, their quality of love and knowledge, measured in human terms, is unimaginable, offering guidance towards an extremely high level of infinitely expanded love and consciousness.

They are therefore trying to contact and alert us, saying what we are choosing now will determine the type of environment in which we are going to live, and how these transformations will affect us.

The way to connect with them is where the resemblance of our vibrations is able to meet and where the levels of awareness and high level of consciousness are connected. They do not answer to a “calling word”, but to a “calling vibration”, which can not be faked or be bought at a weekend course. There are levels of awareness and vibrations with which I cannot connect on my own either, but my guides connect them with the person who turned to me for the connection and is capable of contacting them. This is also the case with personal helpers.

I see and experience that the channels through which these beings can contact me are opened first by my thoughts and then by my actions. Only the vibrations that I allow can get in contact with me. Every thought is tuning us to a certain quality, resonance. From here, it’s simple: through our thoughts, we choose the frequency and the quality of life, where we want to be in our lives, with whom we want to surround ourselves, whether friends or higher-dimensional teachers.

It is critical to take great care of all thoughts and to be clear of the quality of where we are going. There are a horde of helpers who are ready to assist. Through the observation of our thoughts, we can see that we are the only possible factors that can limit the flow of infinite love and knowledge. It is the low-frequency thoughts like fear, sorrow, regret, longing, anger, humiliation, pride, nationalism, religious war, infinitely limited belief system, and psychological conditioning that make it difficult to vibrate at a quality level.

Most of the children and some adults are “star borns”. They come from a more advanced culture, civilisation, and usually have a higher level of awareness and consciousness than their parents. Quite often, however, here on Earth, they go through a „dulling ceremony” called education, integration. For them, this is the earthly life which they have gotten into, destructive and alien.

With each connection, they begin to remember their constellation and see that their intuitions and visions of a completely different world are accurate and authentic. “. Each connecting session gives them a glimpse into a higher state of being, offering a benchmark to define themselves. They will meet their star-family, from whom they will receive encouragement, support for earth life, ongoing protection and a “phone number” to call at any time. At this point the star borns has the experience of homecoming.

The new frequencies

Earth’s vibration is intensifying. This and many other changes taking place are starting to affect our physical and mental health.
It seems that a new world is being built on completely new foundations, with new energies, new knowledge, far beyond the written belief system in which we have been living and to which we are still trying to adjust. Most of the old methods are not adaptable, therefore, they do not help with the changes at all. Landmarks have disappeared and no one knows for sure where we are headed.

But there are more and more of us who are growing and awakening, joining those, who are already awakened. It is now possible for everyone to grow. With or without us, there will be a paradigm shift, a change of dimension, a so called “growing up to adulthood”. We can either join on our own free will, or we’ll fall together with the old system.

The only obvious thing is that we need to become refined and grow together with the frequencies.
To insist on a higher quality of life, which is by no means a material quality but a frequency quality, based on our unique self, the way we are designed. That is the key to transformation.

If we want to keep up with the rising frequencies, we have to complete our true nature, to live in unity with everything and everyone. We can call this flow or love, but this kind of love is very different from what most of us have believed in and have been conditioned to.
I’m a student myself, but what I see is that true love loses personality. Love is not an emotion and it does not come and go. The opposite of love is not hatred but fear. One can be lost in this forever. Love is the flow, the wisdom that does not tolerate any distinctions created by the mind. Wherever this flow stops, change is needed, no compromise nor concealment.