My time in Patagonia

One day, one of my clients told me that during her energetic healing, she had seen two tall white figures next to me, telling us they didn’t want to interfere in what I was doing. They just wanted to indicate they were there. My first reaction was, that I didn’t want to hear about it. After this I felt ill and had to lie down. I laid down for a day, unable to move and then I obsessively started to draw and paint geometric shapes. Following this experience, I pretended as if nothing had happened – extraterrestrials didn’t fit my belief system. But based on the drawings… their presence was evident.

A few years later they signaled again, that they were here and by then I felt I had come to accept their presence. I now wanted to know who they were and why they were contacting me. I flooded them with questions, including those suggested by a number of friends with scientific backgrounds. It was shown that these beings were highly intelligent and that while some had lived on Earth, most had not. The ones who had lived here, left after establishing civilizations in many areas of the planet, but wanted to keep in touch with us with the intention of teaching.

When I asked about learning from them, they said I could start by living and making contact with those who lived in Antarctica, where there was a flourishing civilization. As a beginner, I would need to learn intensively and would have to be based at a place of power in order to channel the knowledge they transmitted. Antarctica and Fuerte Bulnes in the Chilean part of Patagonia were the options. I chose the latter. It was obvious that if I wanted to be a credible person and to connect to these beings, this trip was not an option but a requirement. I also felt my life had to change radically, if I wanted to keep pace with these developing new energies.

In addition to that, I wanted to experience the side of life that I had only thought possible in my wishful dreams. This included experiencing the highest level of love relationships and experiencing a love that goes far beyond the act or understanding of loving someone. I wanted to experience what THEY call Love. I wanted to be with people who led a higher quality of life with respect, support and esteem. I wanted to know more about the mechanisms behind the appearances, the connections, and the truth. “My” guides nodded to my wish list. So with great confidence, I embarked on a two-year retreat with them at the end of the world, in a completely foreign environment. Thankfully, with my all-or-nothing-character, I surrendered my life to this experience. I made the decision to follow the path that was suggested and move to Fuerte Bulnes to study with them.

At the beginning, almost everything, and I mean everything, they said about changing my life, was in opposition to the way I saw the world at that time. We disagreed about almost every point! My mind was screaming and opposing, but I said yes to their authority. We ‘argued’ many times, but I realized by that point, that my life had already changed tremendously. I had a new worldview, personality, thought patterns and the fulfillment of my desires.

When I started communicating with the teachers, I made a chart with hundreds of words. With the help of a pendulum, they could point out the information I needed. Their first teaching was that more than half of those words were unnecessary, because they were meaningless. They are only the creation of an unawakened mind – or a category we use, but they don’t know what it means exactly. Through channeling they told me that I must forget everything I had learned so far. I understood and tried to erase the past. But I was careful to take account of everything I heard from them, not to miss anything for one second – for if I didn’t, how could I account for my life thus far? For two years, I had written down all the teachings and ‘coded the signs’. Then, out of nowhere, I received the message to throw out everything I had written down, nothing could remain. Not only on paper, but once again, to be in this state of ‘unknowing’ was the only way to advance my learning. I stared at my book for hours and hours and then destroyed it.

Since then, I have been repeatedly told to reset. This always happened when I start to feel secure in a life situation, or when I feel absolutely confident that I have grasped something. I know now, from experience, that there will always be better things to come to pass after the release. However, my mind still passes through the ‘great death’ – with panic, fear, a sense of loss, and final mental collapse.

Almost without exception, I have found that this kind of attachment to what is outdated and obsolete, and our distrust of the new and unknown, can become a barrier to moving forward. Our incapacity to move beyond old conditioning results in suffering, sickness, and an experience of being stuck in one’s life. Even if, for some reason, it appears that it is fate or life itself that has deprived us. No matter how much we try to hold on to the familiar, or traumatize ourselves by not allowing the new to enter, eventually we become stuck in a vicious loop of endless self-pity and self-destruction. 

Now, it’s not as if my life has become more refined, purified or perfected. It is more like I’ve been given a totally new life, beyond what I could have imagined, in another dimension with a new worldview, personality, thought patterns, and possibilities to fulfill my desires. There was a qualitative shift, a drastic fundamental change.

My teachers have sent me back to Europe, back to Portugal. Here I connect to those who resonate with my story and message. I offer a hand to those in need of support, illumination and connection in the midst of strong change, and to offer companionship to those who have walked or are walking this path themselves.

My journey is not finished yet…

EDINA kozma