My journey

Photo: Gitam Gabor Toth

Here is a portrayal about my 25 year long (spiritual) journey. The road of this journey has taken me across the world, now living abroad in Lagos, Portugal. I would like to describe who I am, and what people can expect of me. I am not the right medicine for everybody. I am waiting for people who resonate with my story.

I was born in Hungary in 1969. I inherited my natural healing abilities from my father’s lineage. This ability took shape in different forms with each generation. My great-grandfather cured people, and animals as well. He whispered something into their ears that cured them. My father was an energy healer and treated physically handicapped people. Three to four treatments were enough for them to leave their wheelchairs.

These kind of powers always come unexpectedly. It came to me in a dream. I defeated a power that appeared as an energy that for me was symbolic of darkness and evil – in a battle lasting throughout the night. On waking, I could feel that something had definitely changed. A very powerful energy was flowing from my palms. This had undoubtedly come from the One, what we call God, Supreme… I wanted to learn everything about it, to know the total Truth, and to know what kind of disease I could cure with this new healing energy. I put all my attention towards seeking. Very soon my life transformed completely and became totally unrecognizable from my previous life.