Easter retreat

Luz (Portugal) 16 – 24 April

Easter time is beautiful on the Algarve coast: the weather is great, nature is active, life is just buzzing. With a new cycle of seasons starting, the new energy is more present than ever. We organize this Easter retreat for people who already have experience with me and have done their three sessions. It doesn’t matter if you have done the first three only, or extra sessions, or a retreat, or some of the group sessions. But it is imperative that you have experience with me and my work. If you haven’t done the three sessions, you can not participate. The spring retreat (19-26 March) would have been ideal for you in that case. We will soon organize more of these retreats (for new clients). Or you can ask about options for a private retreat, or the three sessions to start before Easter.

In our home in Luz (near Lagos) we welcome you for several days of intense sessions. You tell me the themes you want to work on and which questions you want to answer. Of course, we also ask the guides what they find necessary to focus on. Together, we then decide what to do that day and what method to use. If you live close-by, you may want to sleep at home and drive to Luz for the sessions. But if you prefer to sleep in a hotel, we can book you a room (with discount via us) in a hotel next door. We are flexible and can take care of everything to make this retreat work for everyone.

The stunning Algarve coast is as powerful as it is beautiful

Go deeper during this Easter retreat

During the retreat you communicate intensively with your guides to get clarity and realign with your true path. Because we work more personal and closer together, it allows us to go much deeper. Since your first sessions, much has undoubtedly changed in your life, which has surely raised new issues and challenges. In sessions with the group, or in deep meditation, or in a one-on-one with me or another group member, we can explore what is happening and why.

Because you’ve developed and healed and grown since you had your first sessions with me, you are not the same person you were before. The more you walk your path, the more you become who you truly are. Therefore, the mission you had after the first sessions has changed in the meantime. Maybe you need to take away a blockage, see things clearer, or you just need a boost. Shed what you need to get rid off, and truly live in the new energies.

What do we offer?

The Easter retreat starts on Saturday the 16th of April. We open our house for the next 9 days. You can choose to leave earlier (and do e.g. 5 or 6 days). However, you can not start later and jump into the process. I’ve learned that the power of a retreat is in the grow and flow of the entire group. Having a new addition later on, might damage that process. That’s why we changed the approach from previous communications.

During a day of sessions, we decide what we will work on for that day and which method we use. I will always have the last say in that. The sessions start at 10:30 and there is a 2 hour lunch break. This lunch is made by Martijn, my partner and organizer behind the scenes. There are always fresh fruit and drinks and cookies available throughout the day.

If you live in the area, you can go home after the sessions. But you can also choose to stay in Luz, so you don’t have to drive back and forth. We can arrange accommodation for you in a hotel around the corner (or anywhere else). You can choose to eat in a restaurant, but you are also welcome to join us for dinner in our home. Lunch and dinner are vegetarian (or vegan at request). Please, let us know in advance if you have a diet, or allergies, or things you really (dis)like.

The sessions will be in a quiet and private place, in our home in Luz

Costs and procedure

The costs are €125 per day, including lunch. This does not include accommodation or dinner. But you are welcome to join us for dinner and we will figure something out. Let us know in advance, though, so we can plan ahead with shopping.

The hotel next door offers rooms with twin beds, including breakfast from €35 per night (if you book via us). We can also book you somewhere else. We are happy to make any booking you’d want. That might also make it cheaper for you, because of a possible discount via us. And the sooner we book, the more choice you’ll have. If you want to have a holiday before or afterwards, please just let us know. We know loads of places and may have some great tips.

If you want to join this Easter retreat, please email us via: [email protected]. And if you haven’t done so already, don’t forget to like my Facebook page to learn about more retreat options in the future. There will be more retreats this summer.