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 I’ve inherited my healing ability from my father’s lineage. I’ve dedicated my life to study and spiritual practice from various masters for more than 25 years. By now I’ve become the channel of a totally new energy.



We can all experience our own inner wholeness, the place where true change and healing takes place. From this point on, we can see our life as a play from the stage and recognise the hidden patterns, conditions, injuries, conscious and unconscious programmes from our present or past lives. Everything that keep us from being ourselves, the one who were born to wholeness and happiness. It creates a clean channel for our own high-vibration Guides, removing harmful energies, effects that may be due to the deliberate intent of others. We can see purpose and meaning, why we are on this Earth. We can ruthlessly examine ourselves and no longer be able to live in a web of lies, compromises, fear. There will be unquestionable certainty as to what we need to do to be fulfilled. Most importantly, we will have all the tools we need to change.

Advanced group sessions to keep your frequency high. Online via ZOOM. Mainly for those who have
already participated at least 3 private sessions or for those who are able to sit in silence introspectively
for an hour.

Same as group session, but takes a complete weekend or week where we deal with a given topic. We arrive at the retreat place on Friday evening, and leave it on Sunday afternoon, or spend the nights at home.

Online private sessions help to relieve the traumas you have experienced and transcribes false conditioning. You can read more at “My work”. Three sessions are required for a complete alignment, to a comprehensive clean up at all levels.


  • Emotional problems
  • Inherited problems
  • Sexual inhibitions
  • Depression
  • Identity crisis
  • Psychic wounds behind disease
  • Emotional bonds tying you to the past
  • Purifying subconscious programs from previous lives
  • Personal environment, space cleansing
  • Personal energetic field cleansing (chakras, aura)
  • Life orientation
  • Spiritual confusion
  • Energy blocks
  • Fear
  • Addictions
  • Find your own spiritual guidance and path
  • Find your life purpose
  • Linking you with your own design, the one that was designed for you before you were born
  • Removal of harmful, dark energies from other people or from the environment (energetic drains, curses, stalking, psychic attack, etc.)